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The Pray 365TM initiative is not part of what we do, it is the heartbeat of what we do. This heartbeat defines our “Global Prayer Connexions” with Executive World Leaders.

Pray 365 Events, like “The Prayer Breakfast”, “Nights of Prayer” as well as our global, “Realtime Pray 365 Network” connect us as prayer friends.


The Leaders BibleTM initiative help stimulate discussions based on spiritual leadership principles and values gleaned from biblical role models, contemporary leadership theories and renowned leadership authors.

The Leaders BibleTM is the primary tool we always refer to during these discussions, we connect with and learn from other world leaders and authors, but most importantly we connect with and learn from “The Leader of The World”.


This distinctive initiative creates pause moments where we focus our attention on those relationships that are dear to us.

These pause moments; on our lifelong journey together; include extended one- on-one connection meetings, couples retreats and annual celebration banquets.


Power of 64TM is our global fund and economic engine that stimulates continuous growth and expansion to help us touch the hearts of executive world leaders.

Through the generous financial gifts of our partners, patrons, friends and family, we gather funds little by little.
People come on board, not by promotion, but attraction – friends call friends.

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